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Erik Meijs On Court Workshops

On Saturday, December 30th - 2017 the 'Erik Meijs On Court Workshops'-fundraiser takes place, welcoming badminton coaches and junior players.

Birgit en ErikThis special badminton day was initiated following the unexpected passing of Dutch professional badminton player Erik Meijs on November 16 this year. Erik left behind both his parents and sister, but also his girlfriend Birgit and their first child Tommy Erik (expected in February). All proceeds will go to Birgit and Tommy Erik.

Date and location

Saturday, December 30th - 2017 in sports hall Valkenhuizen on Beukenlaan 15 in Arnhem, The Netherlands.



The day will start at 8:30 AM for the badminton coaches and ends at 6:00 PM. The coaches will practice their skills in the morning session.

The first junior player group will start at 1:00 PM under the supervision of several international and national top level coaches, alongside the coaches participating in the workshops. The second group and session will commence at 3:30 PM. Both afternoon sessions have a duration of two hours.

International and national top level coaches

Around ten national and international badminton coaches will lead workshop sessions during the fundraising day.

  • Henri Vervoort (Italy)
  • Roel van Heuckelum (Belgium)
  • Huynh Nhut Duong (Vietnam)
  • Andreas Johanssen (Denmark)
  • Ron Daniëls (Denmark)
  • René Sehr (The Netherlands)
  • Aad van Zeijl (The Netherlands)
  • Roy Calbo (The Netherlands)
  • Guus van der Vlugt (The Netherlands)

Exhibition match

In the afternoon an exhibition match with two top players will take place. Please check this page for an update about their names.


Lottery with cool badmintonprizes!

A lottery is planned for the Erik Meijs On Court Workshops, with awesome badmintonprizes provided by different sponsors like Victor International and OroDenmark International Badminton Camp.

Signing up

The registration fee for the Erik Meijs On Court Workshops amounts to:

  • € 125,00 for the coaches (full day)
  • € 40,00 for the junior players (two hours of training by top level coaches and attending the exhibition match by top players)

Registrations are processed in order of entry. Please take care of timely payment, within a week after registration - otherwise your registration expires. Each participant receives a confirmation.


Don't miss out!

There's limited availability, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible!

Donation and payment information

If you're unable to partcipate in the Erik Meijs On Court Workshops but still would like to donate to the fundraiser, please consider a donation by bank transfer. Registration fees and donations can be transferred to account number NL63INGB0008133791 (BIC: INGBNL2A) care of 'VBO trainer' with description 'Birgit and Tommy Erik'. This account was opened specifically for the purpose of the fundraiser.


Partners and sponsors



All national and international coaches that are involved in the organisation of this day together with and VBO-trainer do this free of charge. All costs incurred are taken care of the respective coaches and organinsations themselves. Full proceeds of the Erik Meijs On Court Workshops and donations will - without substraction of any costs - be for the benefit of Birgit and Tommy Erik.

Questions and comments

Please send your questions to We'll reply as soon as we can.

We would like thank all those involved for their cooperation in making this day into a success. We would like to thank participants, sponsors, first aid and all other people for their attendance and effort. Of course non-participants are very much welcome to come by too.


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