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Badminton Europe: 'Laying it all down to be a World Champion'

As the badminton world readies for the biggest event on its 2013 calendar just three weeks away, it is one edition Europe will look on with much anticipation having reaped a record medal harvest at last year’s Olympic Games in London.

But they say nobody remembers the runners-up, being a champion is special and takes something special to be one. China have wiped out all the world titles since 2010, though, it was a pair of Europeans who spoilt the Chinese party in 2009.

And they - Thomas Laybourn and Kamilla Rytter Juhl - remain the last Europeans to do so. This year, in the lead up to the World Championships, Badminton Europe spotlight on now retired Laybourn for being the last European World Champion.

With odds stacked against him, Laybourn shares in a 3-part series how pursuing a world title in Europe takes a whole lot of sacrifices and a little thinking out of the box to approach a badminton career in Denmark, or Europe for that matter.

Part I: Laying it all down to be a World Champion

By Jan Lin

It was the beginning of spring, an uncanny season for me to meet up with the last World Champion from Europe, Thomas Laybourn, who was just months into his retirement after the Olympic Games and beginning a fresh new season in his life.

Coach, businessman, entrepreneur, husband, father, son - these are but just some of the old-new identities Laybourn carry on him, and it took at least two months before we found a day where both our schedules meet to catch up on his new life.

“The new life that is beginning now is very interesting and exciting”, Laybourn was brimming with enthusiasm sharing about life after retiring from badminton.

“Do you miss the old life?” A rhetorical entrée question to ask.

“No”, he said in such full confidence catching me by surprise.

Lees de rest van dit artikel op de website van Badminton Europe.


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