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Europe are watching the NBL says Karin Schnaase - NBL

Europe are watching the NBL says Karin Schnaase

Europe are watching the NBL says Karin Schnaase - NBL
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German badminton international Karin Schnaase, the world number 32, says that the rest of Europe is sitting up and taking notice of the UK's inaugural National Badminton League, which began last month.

Schnaase, the world number 32, was snapped up by Team Derby and is one of a host of stars from across Europe, competing in the NBL, including Dutch stars Koen Ridder and Eefje Muskens. Ireland number one Chloe Magee, Swedish players Henri Hurskainen and Nico Ruponen and Bulgaria's Linda Zetchiri.

The German singles star is so far unbeaten in her two women's singles outings, while both her experiences in the Monday evening match-nights have gone down to the wire.

Schnaase relishes the PowerPlay points, shortened games and quickfire tie-breaks - and when she returns to the continent, the German star admitted that the NBL is the main talking point on everyone's lips.

The 29-year-old said: "Everyone is asking me how the NBL is turning out. They all want to learn from it. It is a great start for the NBL and it will only get better and more interesting as people get to hear about it. I can see that the England players are improving because of it too and I hope one day that the world game will see an international league like the one we are seeing here."

Having been part of Team Derby's first two matches in the historic new league, Schnaase also admitted that there's simply no hiding place in the NBL.

"It is so important to be ready from the beginning of the match-night," she said. "The rules are exciting and I love the first to nine concept. I can only play one match here which I like as opposed to the German League when I'm playing doubles too.

"The team is more focused on the one match and each one is wide open. With the TV audience it also feels like a national team event. With a new team and a new experience here, I am just really enjoying it."

Team Derby have an evening to assess their other rivals when match-night 3 takes place on 1 December.

Birmingham Lions take on University of Nottingham Badminton, and Surrey Smashers facing Loughborough Sport.

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