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European Championships will reach over 290 million households

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The 2015 European Mixed Team Championships in Leuven, Belgium will reach over 290 million households on three continents.

With the best 12 European teams represented, the interest in the badminton event is at a high level. Global broadcasters will hit three continents (Europe, Asia and America), while digital stream is set to hit 192 countries through our YouTube channel. Through both traditional broadcasting and social media, this year's event is going to be the most highly-accessible European badminton team event of the year.

The 2015 European Mixed Team Championships will be shown live on the Danish TV channel TV3 who reach 3 million households in Denmark and Sweden. The event will be also shown on Finish channel Nelonen Pro and on Russian channel Poverkhnost. For the first time a European badminton event will be covered by Turkish sports channel SportsTV who reach 18 million households. Deals with Russian channel RTR Sports and Thai channel Truevision have just beem confirmed.

Traditionally, badminton has a huge following in Asia. So the interest in a badminton event in Europe is high. Therefore the 2015 European Mixed Team Championships will be shown in Indonesia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and India. US TV channel Universal Sports will show the event from Leuven live.

"I am very happy with the TV-exposure for our European Mixed Team Championships in Leuven. Reaching close to 200 million households signifies the commercial value of the event and places Leuven on the map of cities organizing major events in Europe. Also for the teams and players coming to the event, as well as the local organization, the many volunteers and of course our events partners this is positive news", explains Brian Agerbak, General Secretary of Badminton Europe.

The tournament will kick-off this week's Wednesday in Leuven.


via Badminton Europe

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