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Solibad Days: badminton everywhere! - Solibad
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Solibad Days: badminton everywhere!

Solibad Days: badminton everywhere! - Solibad
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The 6th edition of Solibad Days will kick off in exactly one month, but this time, badminton fans from all over the world will have a whole week to promote the action of the charity organization, following the theme Badminton Everywhere from April 18th to 26th 2015.

"The theme is really easy to understand and to have fun with this year" says Solibadís founder Raphael Sachetat. "All you have to do is to pick a few friends, find a cool spot, wear a white shirt with our logo and record yourself playing badminton. We are looking for videos of the most crazy, awkward, iconic places all around the world."

It is expected that more than 100 different spots all around the world will be taking part in this yearly celebration of solidarity and badminton, to raise awareness in a joyful spirit for Solibad's programs which helps children in difficult conditions. Last year, more than 100 cities from 5 continents participated in the annual Solibad Day under the theme '7 letters, One Wor(l)d', calling for artistic and creative ways to write the letters SOLIBAD. The year before, 110 cities performed flashmobs all around the globe, some with traditional costumes or in front of the world's most famous monuments.

"This is a time where all badminton fans and their friends can join together and do something meaningful and fun. Itís easy and anyone can join - all you need is a minimum of three people - two to play, and one to record on a video camera. I hope weíll see some amazing footage" says Pi Hongyan, Global Ambassador for Solibad and former world #2.

"I'm calling all my friends and fans to join this special occasion and to have fun on Solibad Days, and prove that all together we can make a difference" adds Peter Gade, the Danish legendary shuttler. The top Danes along with other Solibad Ambassadors will most likely be taking part in different part of the world in this special week of celebration.

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