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Girls are Back 2015 camp great experience - Badminton Europe
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Girls are Back 2015 camp great experience

Girls are Back 2015 camp great experience - Badminton Europe
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The Girls are Back 2015 camp was held in Aire-sur-la-Lys, situated in the north of France from 20-24 May.

This all girls camp is one of the eight projects of the 2015 BEC Regional Projects which takes place from May to August.

A total of 28 participants from five countries participated in the first Regional Project of the year. The participants are elite junior players below the age of 17, coming from Denmark, England, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Speaking different languages was not a barrier for the young girls during the 5 days camp as their main goal was to improve their level of badminton and learn as much as they can from each other and the coaches available. The focus of the camp was to help these girls develop their techniques and tactics of their games.

Physical training, video analysis, individual and team matches were the main activities during the camp. Discussions and views sharing sessions were also included in the program. "The friendly and professional atmosphere during the camp enabled the girls to speak out and having only girls in this camp was also an advantage as they were more open to discussions and could share their experiences more freely without feeling shy or being judged. The quality of the training was also better as they were more focused on the tasks given," explained Christophe Jeanjean, the National Junior Coach of the French Badminton Federation and the organizer of the camp.

Besides all the hard work, the girls were also exposed to aerobic sessions led by an instructor, physiotherapist treatment during the camp and new friendships were without a doubt made during their stay. "We are looking forward to this camp next year as Aire-sur-la-Lys is a strategic location, situated close to the participating countries with good training facilities," added Christophe Jeanjean. Stay tuned for Girls are Back 2016.

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