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When bureaucracy doesn't help...

Visa problems are a common nightmare for badminton players who travel all around the world and often miss out on tournaments because of paper work or long delays.

Vietnam's Vu Tri Trang and Huyhn Duong will have to miss out on an important training camp in Oro, Denmark, because of administrative problems in Vietnam.

"Sponsors for the trip where willing to pay for 90% of all the costs and the necessary insurance for the players. We have been planning this for months but somewhere along the line we have had some very long delays and now we know for sure the visa will not be ready on time for the two women to join the prestigious week in Orø. It is a big disappointment for all the time and work many people have put into this project" said Ron Daniëls, the Danish born now coaching the Vietnam youngsters.


via Badzine

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