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© Badminton World Federation+ Een logo dat voor de niet-westerse wereld gemaakt is, aangezien de shuttle naar links wijst.

BWF rebrand and launch new logo: Modern, Strong, Efficient

© Badminton World Federation+ Een logo dat voor de niet-westerse wereld gemaakt is, aangezien de shuttle naar links wijst.

Modern, strong, efficient - the Badminton World Federation (BWF) have launched its new corporate logo with these anchoring principles which symbolises the direction the Federation is taking the sport towards.

'Facelift' is the underlying theme in Wuhan where the 2012 Citroen BWF Thomas and Uber Cups Finals and the BWF Members Forum and Annual General Meeting are concurrently held.

Following the launch of the new BWF technical officials' attire sponsored by Doublestar at the Finals this week, the new BWF logo is unveiled today by the BWF President, Dr Kang Young Joong, at the 2nd BWF Members Forum.

Six years ago, the BWF have changed its name from International Badminton Federation to the Badminton World Federation. Then in 2007, the BWF launched a new logo depicting the new name.

At the BWF Annual General Meeting in Wuhan, a new 5-year strategic plan (2012-2016) for the sport was shared with the BWF Countil, Members and observers who attended.

BWF President Dr Kang Young Joong said: "After working hard for the past five years and with an eye looking ahead to a more prosperous and stable future, that we have launched the new strategic plan to give all of us a clear guide to all our stakeholders on the direction, mission and vision of badminton safely through the next Olympic cycle."

"The plan is both dynamic and ambitious - it sets out the goals and directions that we want to take, together as a family, to develop badminton to the next level," Dr Kang added. "It is therefore timely to launch a new BWF brand identity that personifies the stability, ambition and synergy on BWF’s striving against higher goals – just like our athletes who have dedicated their lives to improve their skills and set higher goals for themselves."

Dr Kang concluded: "Mindful of the experiences of the past and lessons of the present, I am excited about the future and I seek the support of all the Member Associations to raise the standards that we set ourselves and embrace the challenges ahead of us. And the launch of our new logo is just one of many steps in that direction."


via Badminton World Federation

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