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© Edwin Sundermeijer / badmintonline

Dutch Badminton Cup Final broadcasted live on internet

© Edwin Sundermeijer / badmintonline+

Tomorrow, Saturday May 2nd, the best Dutch club teams challenge each other for the Carlton GT Cup. Much sweat was lost and many tears shed in the prequels. Now only 8 teams remain.

In three rounds, these top teams will decide among themselves who will be the best Dutch club team of 2015. And we can all watch... and enjoy!

Video livestream available

DKC (national champions), Amersfoort (cup winners 2014), Roosterse 1 and 2, VELO 1 and 3 (both clubs have two teams in the finals), Van Zijderveld and Duinwijck will compete for the title.

The event will be broadcast live all day on the internet. Please visit www.carltongtcup2015.nl or the badmintonline.nl homepage and join our internet broadcast.www.carltongtcup2015.

All the information you need to see the tournament live, will be made available before the tournament starts. Please make a note: 02 May, 10.00 CEST.

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