Het laatste nieuws
Het laatste nieuws
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Muskens and Piek reflect on their World Championships

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Unfortunately we lost our match yesterday from a great Chinese pair. We were focused from the beginning and did the right things.

After the break they just gave so much pressure, handled the first 3 strokes much better then we did and forced us to make the errors. We lost the first but ready to fight for the second set. We kept our focus all the time, could handle the pressure they made but in the end at a crucial moment we made the errors and lost the second set with 18.

Of course we were really disappointed but we also have to admit that they played better and they are World Champion and Olympic Champion for a reason ;-)

We showed some good things as well, the plan was the right thing to do and we see the things we do in practice are working and we get better every time.

The next week we will have a short break so we can go back to practice on Friday and prepare for the Japan Open and Korea Open in September.

Thanks everybody for all the messages and the support, it's great!

And for sure thanks to the Indonesian supporters this week. It's amazing and we enjoy the atmosphere a lot!

Selena and Eefje


via Eefje Muskens en Selena Piek

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