Het laatste nieuws
Het laatste nieuws
© Selena Piek en Eefje Muskens

Muskens and Piek report from Rio

© Selena Piek en Eefje Muskens+

We arrived safe in Rio Sunday evening and we already played our first match! The organization has chosen to play with a group stage form instead of the usual knock-out stage form.

This means that we have to play at least three matches to decide if we will go to the semi final. This system will also be played during the Olympic Games next year.

We booked a relatively comfortable victory over the Brazilian sisters Vicente yesterday with the scores of 21-11 and 21-13.

Today we are facing the familiar German faces of Birgit Michels and Isabelle Herttrich. Last time we managed to beat them in three games so we will be ready for a tough match! Wish us luck!


via Selena Piek en Eefje Muskens

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