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Het laatste nieuws
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Rupture in Iris Tabeling's calf muscle

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Went to the physio yesterday and as I expected there is a rupture in my calf muscle. They did an echo right away and they could see that its around 2-3 centimeters.

I still can't walk normally so have to see if I can manage that this week. All I'm allowed to do now is icing, keep the leg up as much as possible and try to walk as normal as I can. Have to come back to the physio on monday and see if we can start with some light cycling. Its probably gonna take around 4 weeks before I will be fully back on court. Maybe a bit sooner cause im still young :D.

Even though this is shit news, there is nothing I can do about it anymore. Have to focus on my recovery now and when I look back I can be proud of our achievement in Scotland. We played a great tournament! Let's continue with that when I'm back.


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