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Finland's Airi Mikkelä: Would you sponsor a Rio 2016 dream?

Why is your ambition so important in your life? The answer is pretty simple, it is something you need in your life.

Finland's Airi Mikkelä: Would you sponsor a Rio 2016 dream? - Airi Mikkelä
© Airi Mikkelä
Finland's Airi Mikkelä: Would you sponsor a Rio 2016 dream? - Airi Mikkelä
© Airi Mikkelä +


Ambition is something that one requires in different walks of life; family, career. One of the greatest things to do in life is fulfilling dreams. In order to achieve this, you need an ambition - the desire to do it.

Airi Mikkelä is a perfect example of someone living every day of her life with an ambition, her aspiration to make her mark in the sports of badminton. Over the past few years Airi has dedicated most of her time to training and playing in order to make it the Rio 2016 Olympics. She has participated in competitions all over the world, especially in the year 2015 with several podium positions and an improved world ranking. Airi is doing so well that she is quite confident about making it to Rio next year. To confirm a placement for RIO, it is mandatory to get as high in the World ranking as possible, and for Airi that requires 10 good results. So far this year she has produced 6 good results with several tournaments yet to come.

Airi has also made it to the Denmark Open Super Series Premier, which is one of the biggest events in badminton and where there are only 32 players, including all the best players in the world.

"I still have a long way to go before next May when the qualification period ends. I am doing very well at the moment and this whole experience has already given me a lot. I've experienced amazing things, learned so much and developed a lot as an athlete. Qualifying for the Olympics is a huge dream of mine and now I feel like it's very close to coming true. To guarantee a spot in the Olympics in Rio I need to play more tournaments and I need some support to be able to do that."

Would You Sponsor A RIO 2016 Dream?

Airi, just like any other sports star requires your support to make this dream come true. In order to confirm her spot in RIO 2016 she needs to play more tournaments and your sponsorship means the world to her. Sponsoring a brand ambassador like Airi is the most emotionally effective way to connect with your audience and build an ever lasting relation. Airi participates all over the world, sponsoring Airi would mean a global ambassador for you. By letting the world know who you sponsor, you bring a personality to your brand and business.

Sponsorship marketing is the most convenient, effective and affordable way to gain global exposure. It offers great opportunities for distinct marketing and competitive advantage. Sports is a global passion, and by sponsoring an athlete you are actually generating a positive influence on those who follow this passion. This ultimately leads to shaping the attitude of your audience and generate a positive reaction in the form of sales. In a nut shell, by building this relation you will not only sponsor a dream but you will also create a positive visibility for your business.

1 out of 5 athletes in Finland have to quit their dream due to lack of funding, that is 1 in every 5 athletes is forced to give-up their aspirations despite being a world class talent. Your company can be the hero to this most amazing Olympic hopeful.

Would you sponsor an Olympic dream? Contact Airi right away in TeamUp,ä?

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