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Change in rules for betting on badminton

The BWF Council has approved significant amendments to Appendix 5 of the General Competition Regulations - the Code of Conduct in Relation to Betting, Wagering and Irregular Match Results.

Change in rules for betting on badminton - BWF
Change in rules for betting on badminton - BWF
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This Code is for everyone in the sport. Please read this carefully and communicate the changes to players, coaches, team managers, technical officials and anyone volunteering and working on international competitions.

Among other changes - the new Code prohibits betting on badminton by players (who have competed in 3 international competitions), BWF staff, Continental Confederation staff and BWF Referees.

Please see the full document for the details (GCR Appendix 5). A few key points are made below.


Please see Article 3 - Corruption Offences and Article 4 Additional Matters for a full list of the offences under the Code. A few offences are highlighted below.

  • It is an offence for any player who has competed in 3 international badminton events to bet on any badminton matches.
  • It is an offence for BWF staff or Continental Confederation staff to bet on any badminton matches.
  • It is an offence for BWF Referees to bet on any badminton matches.
  • It is an offence (for anyone) not to report any betting, soliciting or behaviour that is an offence under the Code.
  • It is an offence for anyone to tamper with or destroy evidence.
  • It is an offence not to cooperate with investigations by the BWF.

Greater Powers to Investigate

The new Code gives the BWF greater powers to investigate allegations:

  • If there is evidence of an offence under the code, BWF has the right to demand an interview with anyone in the sport.
  • BWF now has much stronger powers to investigate allegations of match fixing. Those in the sport who are alleged to have committed an offence under the Code may be asked to hand over to investigators such things as mobile phones, laptop, telephone statements and records.


The principle of confidentiality shall be strictly respected by the BWF during investigation procedures. Information shall only be exchanged with entities on a need to know basis.

Confidentiality must also be strictly respected by any person concerned by the procedure until there is a public disclosure of the case.

Sanctions / Consequences

Significant sanctions or punishments apply to anyone who has committed an offence under this revised Code of Conduct.

In serious cases, this could mean banning from the sport of badminton for life.

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