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Het laatste nieuws
Good day the office for Iris Tabeling - René Lagerwaard
© René Lagerwaard

Good day the office for Iris Tabeling

Good day the office for Iris Tabeling - René Lagerwaard
© René Lagerwaard +

Started this afternoon with a mixed doubles against a Danish pair. We didn't play our best game out there, had some start up troubles, but managed to pull through and got a better feeling during the match.

We won in two solid games, so the first quarter final was reached, as we had a bye in the first round.

In ladies doubles I started the new partnership with Cheryl. So our first game together, always a bit about finding the way how to play and work around each other. It worked out quite well today for us, we won in two easy games our first match against Denmark, and the second match against France was also a two games victory for us! We still made it a bit hard for ourselves at the end, but pulled it back together in time. Another quarter final tomorrow!

The time schedule is not out yet, but as I play two events i will probably start with mix at 09.00 or 10.00, and be the 4th or 5th match in doubles after that. You can follow it on livescore or on youtube livestream at badmintoneurope!

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