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Badminton Denmark kicks out five of its top players over sponsorship row

Today Joachim Fischer Nielsen, Mathias Boe, Carsten Mogensen, Christinna Pedersen and I (Kamilla Rytter Juhl) got kicked out of the national training center.

Badminton Denmark kicks out five of its top players over sponsorship row - Facebook
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Badminton Denmark kicks out five of its top players over sponsorship row - Facebook
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As you know we all have a personal sponsorship with Kjeldsen butter cookies, which we have had for the last two years. In that agreement, is says we can't represent any of Kjeldsens competitors, but since they only have very few we couldn't see any problems in that.

But now the association signed a deal with the only competitor to Kjeldsen, Danisa, which only motive is to damaging Kjeldsen, coz the two are in a lawsuit against each other. Danisa is the current sponsor of the Danish surdiman cup team.

We have told the association that due to this really unlucky circumstance, that we can't play with danisa on the shirt, but have to play in a shirt WITHOUT ANY logos. As a compensation, we offered them a lot of options, they could sell us to other sponsors, we could do an exhibition for them for free, we even offered them 50.000 Danish Kr. 7000 USD. They refused all suggestions, but not only didn't they not call us up for the surdiman cup, they also kicked us out of the national team, and have taken all our fundings.

Why this ultimate punishment?? We have no idea, coz there is no winners in this extreme way of business. We need them, and they need us. We have for the last 10 years won multiple Olympic, WC and European medals, so they got funding from Team Denmark, and we have received good coaching, but never receive 1 DDK in bonus for these achievements. Why do they want that to stop?

Whatever happens I promise you that all five of us will continue playing, and we will hit the shuttles even harder.

We are all sad right now, but we can look ourselves in the eyes, and we will come back even stronger. We need your support now more than ever, even though you might not like us the most, no players deserve to be treated like this.

Statement by Badminton Denmark

Badminton Denmark ceases cooperation with five players

Badminton Denmark has today ceased cooperation with Chris Pedersen, Kamilla Rytter Juhl, Joachim Fischer, Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen. Disagreement on jersey sponsorship for the World Cup for the team and a breach of the collective plays agreement from the players' side means that Badminton Denmark regret to have been forced to stop cooperation.

The five players have chosen not to be available for the Danish national team at the collective agreed terms for the Sudirman Cup. Badminton Denmark has signed a collective agreement through the player association with national team players. The collective agreement describes, among other things, that Badminton Denmark can draw national team sponsorships on behalf of all players on the Danish national team, and this happened earlier this year when the biscuit company Danisa bought sponsorship rights for the Sudirman Cup team jersey.

The five players have refused to stand for available for the national team, in the collective agreement terms with reference to their individual contracts do not allow it. That's why Badminton Denmark does believe that players have drawn individual contracts that are contrary to the collective plays agreement, and players have not shown willingness to bring their individual contracts in accordance with the collective agreement plays.

Badminton Denmark therefore sees no other reasonable way out than to discontinue cooperation. This means that: players stop on a national team training, players will no longer receive support of Badminton Denmark, Badminton Denmark terminates the individual national team agreement with the players, Badminton Denmark takes out other players for the Sudirman Cup.

To make money Badminton Denmark needs to work through the national team, and so we made ​​this and other collaborations with Danisa. It is not acceptable that players have broken the collective agreement by entering into personal contracts that are contrary to this. As the players also have not tried to put this right, we unfortunately have had to stop cooperating, says René Toft, president of Badminton Denmark.

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