Het laatste nieuws
Het laatste nieuws
© Carsten Mogensen

Carsten Mogensen underwent brain surgery to clip bursted aneurism

© Carsten Mogensen+

Have to break some very very bad news to you. Two days back Carsten collapsed in my room, being numb in his left side and a very bad headache.

We rushed him to a hospital, and it turns out to be a bursted aneurism in the right side of his brain.

Yesterday he had open brain surgery, it all went well and they clipped the bursted aneurism. I saw him shortly after the surgery, his condition was better than normal, however it's too early to say everything is okay, he will need to go through tests the following days.

His family arrived this morning, and the doctors here in Kazan are doing a great job.

I know the media will have millions of questions, however right now, me and rest of the team wanna relax and focus on the semi final against Germany, I hope you will respect that. I'll promise to keep you informed about the situation and when I will be available to answer all your questions.

Mathias Boe


via Mathias Boe

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