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Het laatste nieuws
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Dutchie Alida Chen cherishes Portuguese three-gamer against Ireland's star player Chloe Magee

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Unfortunately this tournament has come to an end. The French pair were just stronger than us today.

But like I said yesterday, I'm still very glad with my performance at this tournament! For now I'm enjoying some time here in sunny Portugal before I fly back to Holland.


An exhausting day today at the Portuguese International, but I'm really happy with the way I played. It was the first time since a long time since I felt this good on court. Even tough I lacked some physical endurance, I'm really glad I won the first WS in three games and got a chance to play the first seeded Irish girl in the second round, and manage to take one game.

In MxD we won our two matches in two straight games, so we have reached the quarterfinals! Tomorrow we are up against a French pair. Wish us luck!


via Alida Chen

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