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No good news from Iris Tabeling

This is not gonna be the news I would wanted to share with you.

No good news from Iris Tabeling - Iris Tabeling
© Iris Tabeling
No good news from Iris Tabeling - Iris Tabeling
© Iris Tabeling +


Lost both mix and doubles today in second round. I can make up a lot of excuses for it, but its very simple as I wasn't good enough today.

In mix we had some strong opponents, the numbers 50 of the world ranking Nottingham/Westwood, who had some good results recently. They didn't came out very strong today but neither did we so we had little chance in this match and lost 21-17/21-12.

In doubles it was a different story, we played a young pair from france who recently got paired up together. We watched their match against the Swedish pair earlier today and made a clear plan on how to play. But if you can't control your own side, you can't do anything with a good plan. And unfortunately I wasn't able at all to control my own side today.

We still managed to play a 59 minutes match and almost won it, but it would have been an ugly win if we did. Even though I like it much more to win ugly then to lose ugly, cause now it feels double shit.

I don't have very long to be disappointed because next week there is already the next tournament as we go to Finland for the Finnish Open! So I will take a good night of sleep, drive back home tomorrow and will start on monday again with practise. I will come back stronger, count on that.

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