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Steunbetuiging vanuit Vietnam voor Ron Daniëls: a coach from Europe

Vanuit Papendal wordt er gespeculeerd over het hoe en het waarom dat Ron geen bondscoach meer is in Vietnam. Maar wat vinden de Vietnamese spelers zélf eigenlijk van Mr Daniëls?

Steunbetuiging vanuit Vietnam voor Ron Daniëls: a coach from Europe - Ron Daniëls
© Ron Daniëls
Steunbetuiging vanuit Vietnam voor Ron Daniëls: a coach from Europe - Ron Daniëls
© Ron Daniëls +


Hieronder een e-mail van een van de spelers die onder Ron getraind heeft. De e-mail is geschreven door de beste singlespeler, Ng H. Thong Thao en dat is de u19 captain national team: een talentspeler. Volgens Ron is het een geweldige speler en hij heeft nog nooit zo'n harde werker gehad als Thao.

Dear coach,

We met more than four months ago right? Four months is not long compared to one's life, but also not short of what I learned from him. Actually, before I met him, I was thinking: "Badminton is only available in Asia is strong, so I do not appreciate him, a coach from Europe."

But since I was working with him, I had to go from surprise to surprise others, and realized that this previous thinking is totally wrong. I really admired the way he works, from time to exercises on the field, it is very scientific and sophisticated.

Look at the way he would set up a separate program for athletes during the first year, until his attention for each athlete, I fully realize he is a professional coach that I met. He taught me so many new things in badminton, philosophies, tactics which he imparted to me, make me feel, now, I really learned badminton, are much more it.

Badminton is not just a hit and run, but it requires all the senses of the body, and rhythm is controlled by the brain, therefore, say badminton brings a colorful music, the melody is not is a factor... at deep scholarship, while the melodic… and was playing at the hands of the talented music director… there is no room for mistakes, mistakes of this will be the assembly for others.

He is not just a teacher alone, but also a friend, my father. What if I was injured, he was the first to worry, concern and find a cure for me... I was really touched. I remember, the first question he asked us before each session was: today, how do you feel, no pain anywhere? And always explain to us why it was like that before no one told us. He has always had a passion for our communications, we try to improve in every exercise, so training with him, although very tired but very happy. The free time, he invited us to his home, has food cooked for us... He was great, I enjoyed his food.

He always gives us a feeling of closeness, warmth... We have experienced many things together, I just want to say I'm proud to be a coach as a teacher. Thank you for giving me the fateful meet Ron, a teacher is always dedicated to their jobs.

Forever a student of the teacher.
Hope to see him.
I love you.

Young captain in Vietnam National Badminton

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