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Het laatste nieuws

Only 14 days left at the OroDenmark summercamp!

Everybody at the camp can feel it in their own body that this year summercamp is more professional than ever before. What did we change?

Only 14 days left at the OroDenmark summercamp! - OroDenmark
© OroDenmark
Only 14 days left at the OroDenmark summercamp! - OroDenmark
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Well first of all we wanted six weeks of the best of the best training. We could not do this in the time that was given, so we had to do one week extra and keep the number of players below 20 a week. Now we have 50 days of super summercamp. But we could never have done it without the great help and drive of our sponsors. These are not companies that drop of a bag of money but are involved in what we are trying to do and who want to test their products on a high level. It is also a new way to have sponsors because it a lot more active relationship.

Visions of the training staff and CO's of Luxilon and Wilson did come together to create new products and a whole new way of talent development within our sport. On OroDenmark it is the first time that we have companies who are competitors support an event like this because also Carlton and Li Ning did their part in this high quality summercamp.

Sports organizations are just as important and where national federations are missing vision and losing contact with development, the DGI in Denmark supports new thinking like this. The structure of this new mind set is coming from the University of Roskilde and therefore a big thanks goed out to Nanna Balsby and Peter Jentzsch who where great mentors to help to make the OroDenmark story a successful one.

Then you need local people to work with you and step into your vision, Holbaek townhall is a never ending source of help and inspiration. From the mayor to the people who pick up the phone and give you advice on how to do things; that all helps to make you smile doing projects like this. Even more local is the help we get from the people on this little island. Jorn Bigum has been a part of our success from the first hour and this man is ALWAYS there when you need him.

But it is only people's work that make the success. So the real vision has to come from the people you have in the hall every day during these 50 days. The basis consists of three coaches that have to make it work, Henri Vervoort, Huynh Nhut Duong and Ron Daniels. This team has the support from the best physiotherapist / coach you can wish on a camp like this. He has been there from day 1 and many years later he is still one of the pillars of the vision, Aad van Zeijl. A camp in Denmark would not be perfect if we did not have Danish coaches, so Peter Mork, Thomas Laybourn and Andreas Johannsen make the list complete.

A summercamp like this is not possible without a strong organization and it is also not done in a couple of weeks, because it will take you a whole year to make the next summercamp a success. So when Danmarks TV/Radio asks us if we are not afraid that other people will start to do the same, we can say NO. Because it takes so much more than what you think to make this happen.

The hundreds of people that need to be brought together in one vision takes many years and to get a team of people that want to work like this are simple not there. So we would like to say thank you because this dream would not be possible without all of you and the people we forget to name.

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