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Finland's Airi Mikkela: Hello from Peru!

Everything has been good here so far - the hall is nice, food is good, and our hotel is okay. That's pretty much everything I've experienced so far but then again, I didn't come here for sightseeing or holidays so all I need to see is the hall, the hotel and some restaurants every now and then.

Finland's Airi Mikkela: Hello from Peru! - Airi Mikkela /
© Airi Mikkela /
Finland's Airi Mikkela: Hello from Peru! - Airi Mikkela /
© Airi Mikkela / +


It's very hot here, especially in the hall, and I've found a new meaning for the word sweating. Luckily I've also found a laundry place so I'm not gonna end up in a dirty situation.

The tournament has also gone very well for me so far. I have won three matches and I'm through to the final tomorrow! We will have an exciting Finnish final as Nanna has also played very well and so I'm gonna meet her in the final tomorrow.

All in all, my trip around the world has started very smoothly and I feel good. The long and lonely travel made me a bit tired though, and I'm suffering from a serious jet lag but I'm not taking any stress about anything. I feel like sleeping from 8 pm to 5 am and so I'm doing it because I think it's better to relax and do what feels good instead of trying to force yourself into that perfect rhythm. The most important thing is to feel good and strong on the court!

Now it's time to relax and get ready for the match tomorrow!


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