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Soraya de Visch Eijbergen about her recovery: patience is key

In the words of American singer Leann Rhimes: here's my sign of life.


It's been well over a month since I last updated you guys about my recovery process. Somewhere last year I told you I am a creature of habit. So dealing with such a shift in daily routine is challenging, even beyond the physical adjustments I have had to make.

At the moment there's little to tell about the recovery itself, other than that it's difficult to objectively say it's going 'fast enough'. Patience is key.

I appreciate it that I am being allowed and that I can allow myself to take some time and space while I work on my recovery. Thank you for that.

Coaching at Junior OLVE Tournament

My friend and well-known badminton photographer Alex van Zaanen invited me to join him as a coach for TVZ during the Junior OLVE Tournament in Edegem, Belgium. I felt it could be a great way to be actively involved in my sports in a very positive way. And, as many of you may know, I absolutely love working with kids.

While I may have underestimated the energy it takes to coach at that many matches in a day, it's given me lots and lots of positive energy in return. I loved it, so thanks for the invite Alex!

Relaxing with Rituals

Back when I won the Dutch National Championship in women's singles in early February, Rituals Cosmetics surprised me with a really nice giftbox. I already loved their products. "Unleash your inner beauty" Thank you Rituals!

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