Het laatste nieuws
Het laatste nieuws
© Eefje Muskens en Selena Piek

Eefje Muskens and Selena Piek can't wait to get started

© Eefje Muskens en Selena Piek+

Hello everyone! It's our third day in the Olympic village and we are slowly getting used being here.

We've been experiencing so many great things already including highlights as being part of the opening ceremony and the visit of our King and prime minister. We also really like being part of an amazing TEAM NL with so many inspiring other athletes.

From day one we have been hitting in the arena where it will all starts from the 11th of August. The hall feels and looks great and we can't wait to get started. We just finished a gym session and we will go for a hit in the stadium again tonight. It's all about the final preparations now before we start.

We feel ready and we want to thank you all for following and supporting us.


via Eefje Muskens en Selena Piek

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