Het laatste nieuws
Het laatste nieuws
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Selena Piek from Madrid: Damn!

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Not the way how I would have liked to end today. Lost both matches against well playing opponents. It's pretty hard to take as I really wanted to play a lot of matches here.

I'm still lacking a lot of training hours, confidence and lots of match practice to be where I want to be. My mind wants to be much further but my body is still trying to cope with the amount of practice I want to get in.

Unfortunately this is the reality right now as I'm still building up towards my old level. Trying to accept it is all I can do and positively look forward to the future. I still have a lot of faith in myself and my partners that we will come out stronger than ever before.

Thank you for all the success wishes and comments I've been receiving. They are much appreciated.


via Selena Piek

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