Peter Gade joins Solibad

Peter Gade joins Solibad

World star Peter Gade from Denmark announced on May 25th in Qingdao, during the Sudirman Cup, that he would be joining Solibad – Badminton without Borders as a special Ambassador.


Jij het nieuws, wij een tikkie!

The 34 year old Dane had already done a lot for the Worldwide Foundation, which aims to help underprivileged children all around the world, through projects which are badminton related for some and not for others. Last year, Gade had given his winning shirt but also his Gold Medal from the 2010 European Championships to collect money for the project "1000 rackets for Haiti", a program jointly coordinated by Peace and Sport to help children from Haiti to forget the trauma of the 2009 earthquake.

In March 2011, Gade then joined a special event held in Geneva – "A night with stars" featuring other Solibad Ambassadors, Pi Hongyan, Lee Yong Dae, Nathan Robertson, Park Joo Bong amongst others, where he gave an exhibition show with all benefits going to Solibad.

"It is a great thing that people are united behind a good cause and that Solibad is able to bring together the whole badminton community, from top stars to leisure players. I do believe that all together, we can make a difference. I will try my best to play my part for Solibad and look forward to working with other Ambassadors to promote the projects to come" said the Dane, who has been an Ambassador for Red Barnet – Save the Children Denmark.

"Peter has been helping Solibad from the very start and we are very honored that he accepted the offer to become our "Special Ambassador" to Solibad. He is a role model for the youngsters by the way he has handled his career and has a big heart. It will be a big boost for us to have him on our side. He's got a vision and great ideas to share with us" said Solibad Founder Raphael Sachetat.

"It's a great pleasure for us to have him join our family as he's one of the high profile of the sport on top of a great human being" said Pi Hongyan, Solibad's Global Ambassador.

Gade to feature in Copenhagen's Flashmob

Gade's joining couldn't come as a better timing as the Charity foundation is launching its first "Solibad Day" where – for its first edition on June 5th 2011 – aims to gather "flashmobs" all around the world. A flashmob is a spontaneous gathering of people in public places performing a similar choreography to make a point and deliver a message. Solibad hopes to raise awareness for its projects and the sport in general though this unique event, which will likely be breaking the world record as already 60 cities from 40 different countries and all 5 continents will be joining the event in the most iconic places, from Los Angeles, Singapore, Paris, London, Jakarta, Rio Sydney to unexpected spots like Israel, Nicaragua or in front of the Mont Blanc – Europe's tallest summit for the world's highest flashmob.

And of course, Denmark will be joining the event as well on June 5th, near the symbolic Tivoli Gardens, where Peter Gade will be joining Jan O Jorgensen the Solibad Ambassador for Denmark as well as many other players from the National team, who have all vowed to give a hand to the foundation. "I will be there on June 5th at home in Copenhagen and I hope that many people will join us, in Denmark but also all over the world" added Gade.

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