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How does it feel, Carolina?

Spanish teenage wonder Carolina Marin will feel the Olympic flair and spirit for the first time in her young career.

We asked the 18-year old from Madrid to spare her emotions on the coming event in London with us.

About her feelings

I am very excited already. I know that the Olympics is a very special tournament but I must keep the focus on my matches and not about that special environment during the Olympics. I guess my young age is not a disadvantage. I have already played a lot of tournaments. Taking part at the Olympics will give me more experience, of course. I am looking forward to every match. We are now waiting for Monday's draw.

About the opening ceremony

I won’t join the opening ceremony because the badminton tournament starts the next day and it will be so tough for myself to be there. I’m sad about that because I know it would be really nice to follow the show but I have to take care of myself.

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