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Jorrit de Ruiter bereidt zich voor op WK in Jakarta - René Lagerwaard
© René Lagerwaard

Jorrit de Ruiter bereidt zich voor op WK in Jakarta

Jorrit de Ruiter bereidt zich voor op WK in Jakarta - René Lagerwaard
© René Lagerwaard +

Hi guys, last week I enjoyed a week without badminton, I had a great time at home enjoying the great Dutch weather.

But since yesterday it's back to practise as we are preparing for the World Championships in Jakarta. This 4,5 week we will use for intense practise, weight trainings and spinning sessions to get ready for this amazing tournament in the mekka of badminton, Istora.

I will write an update twice a week about my practise sessions on my FB page. Feel free to ask questions or write other comments. Hopefully you can use for your own practise or just read it if you are only interested.



  • First day after a week off, so the first 15 minutes we use for a so called box game to get used to the strokes again.
  • We practise this session in 2 against 1. In the first exercise we do a rear court/mid court using slice, sticks and dropshots. The two defenders are practising their high defences, with some flat variations to the mid court. 2 times 2,5 minutes.
  • 2-1 again but now only use one half of the court, the two feeders in front and rear court and the one who is working practising the high, flat and block defence with rushes to the net area and challenging the front court player. 2 times 2 minutes.
  • 2-1 and I am working as a front court player hitting the shots from above the tape. The two who are feeding are allowed to move me all the time. 2 times 2 minutes
  • 2-1 Mid court area flat drives with control. 2 times 2,5 minutes.
  • 2-1 Defence when the feeders are in the front court and the one who is alone sometimes ''steal'' the attack by hitting overhead shots. 2 times 2,5 minutes with 1 minute heavy racket.
  • 10 minutes serve and serve returns. Change when the one who is returning makes a net shot 3 times in a row.
  • Weight practise in the evening. I focus on squats, leg extensions, and the whole core which is extremely important for badminton players.

Lees de rest van dit artikel op de facebookpagina van Jorrit de Ruiter.

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