Badcoach Summercamp trainersopleiding: The magic of Badminton Sports

Badcoach Summercamp trainersopleiding: The magic of Badminton Sports

Dear Collegues, the most important reason to do a Coaches Education Workshop is: Inspiration!

Ken je BC Meershuttle al?

During my about 25 years of work as a Badminton coach, I met a lot of inspiring people. There were some famous coaches like Lee Jae Bock and Yoo Bong Park from Korea, Fleming Wiberg from Denmark, Lian from China, Dreseler, Poste, Hasse … from Germany. And some very good players as well, for example Peter Rasmussen and Juliane Schenk. And all of them had something to say or to perform. Nobody is telling the only trouth or knows it, but everyone gives you an impression how it is, to live Badminton. Sometimes one general sentence, one exercise, or one individual advice can open a new door – can give you a new view at the subject. Nearly everytime after doing a workshop my way of watching players changed. My focus went to other pieces and the more pieces of a player I collect, the better is my picture of him or her.

It’s not that I want to tell you how you have to do your work. I don’t want you to be like me. Badminton is an individual sport, that needs individual training and of course individual coaches. To be a coach is a very challenging job. You need a lot of different skills do be a good one. But like "a lot of roads lead to Rome" every coach should find his own way to educate players or help them to develop their abilities.

I think these things are needed to be a good coach

  • a big pool of tools like exercises
  • good pictures of techniques inside of you
  • good skills to demonstrate or describe the subject
  • a broad view on the sport with all the individual pecularities
  • a deep understanding of tactics in all disciplines
  • basic or better good knowledge about how the human body works

Badminton is very fast and very slow, you have to be very strong or stiff at one moment and very soft or flexible at the next one. From a tactical point of view it’s like playing high-speed-chess. The techniqual possibilities with the light racket and the inimitably shuttlecock are endless. This sport is gorgeous, it’s magic, that’s my oppinion, so... Let me inspire you!

These are the main subjects we work on during the week:

  • Basic and advanced movement techniques.
  • Here is my main goal to teach a lot about rhythm. Whithout rhythm you get lost on court and its impossible to come into "flow".
  • Basic and advanced stroke techniques.
  • Hit the shuttle full or cut it in all different planes. Develop speed or slow down during the stroke movement. Feel the rhythm in arm and racket movement. One coach I met said: "There are hundreds of different strokes and you can't use them all. But what you have to make sure is, that you have minimum one 1 (like marks in school 1=best 6=worse), a real weapon and no 5 or 6, no real weak spot."

Additional subjects:

  • Basic and advanced tactics in all disciplines
  • Basics in power, speed and stamina training
  • Mental training, coaching
  • Double and mix tactics
  • Q&A

Udo Lehmann

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