Have you got what it takes?

Have you got what it takes?

CIOS-teacher Guus van der Vlugt said that even though the Skibby OroDenmark badminton camp is a very good camp it is NOT FOR EVERYONE and we agree with him.


Jij het nieuws, wij een tikkie!

It is not a holiday camp and we don't do all kind of things that have nothing to do with badminton. This is a professional badminton camp with lots of players and coaches from many countries.

It is six to seven hours badminton a day and you work with your own focus points. Yes, it is hard sometimes and that is because we will give you a realistic feeling of what it takes to become a serious player. We give more information to the players in one week than what you will get back home in your club or even national team in a whole year.

You don't come here to hear how good you are. You come here to find out what you still need to work on a lot. So when you cannot follow the feeding we will show and tell you what to change in the way you do the workout. We are NOT going to make it easier just so that you get a 'positive experience' out of it. That wouldn't make you more willing to work harder or better.

The Skibby Orodenmark Summer Camp is a combination of Danish know-how and the Asian hard working philosophy, and we believe it is perfect to get the best out of every player and coach. Players of this camp will complain to other players if they don't work well during the training and they will tell coaches when they think the training is substandard. We try to (further) develop critical self-confident players who know when a coach talks BS or is not up to the standard.

By making a statement like this you also tell people that you don't want to have everyone. We don't look so much at the level of players, but we do look at their seriousness and willingness to work. The same is for the coaches who join the coach education. It's the coaches who are willing to have an open mind and want to learn to think at an elite level.

People who can't adapt to this out-of-the-box thinking should not come to our coach education. The focus is on coaches who have a good level of skills, are themselves still active high level players and have a very open mind.

Maybe you would say: this doesn't sound very social. Well, it isn't in the traditional sense of the meaning. This is a performance camp with badminton on the first place. We don't want the most, we only want the best. This doesn't mean that the group is not social: this year's camp had a very good atmosphere and the players have been very close socially. These two things can go together very well.

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Ron Daniëls

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