Het laatste nieuws
Het laatste nieuws
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Dutch international Soraya de Visch Eijbergen tumbles at the hand of Anna Thea Madsen

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This afternoon's match against Anna Thea Madsen from Denmark (currently ranked 53rd in the world) rightfully was a win for the Scandinavian. I'll try and recap today's quarter final at the 2015 Scottish Open Grand Prix for you.

In this meet-up my play was somewhat riddled with unforced errors. I found it hard to deal with the drift in the Emirates Arena that I didn't experience earlier today against Natalia Perminova. Opposite a player of Anna Thea's stature, playing almost faultless, I really needed to be on top of my game.

In the first game we kept trading 'the upper-hand' up until 8-8, after which Anna Thea managed to score five consecutive points. That accelleration created a gap that I wasn't able to close before the Dane reached 21 points, leaving me with 16.

Time to push the reset button and start with a clean slate in the second. Anna Thea again played at the high level you can expect from her. Not for a moment I really got into the rallies or could take control of them. Today I had to accept that 9 points in the second game would be it.

Each and every time it is hard to deal with losing a match, particularly so when you feel your game is better than what you showed. However, my performance here in Glasgow - and reaching the LAST EIGHT! - has provided me with some much needed tournament matches, so there's something valuable to take home either way.

Early tomorrow morning I'm off to France to represent my team at CHAMBLY BAD during Saturday afternoon's Le Top 12 match against Red-Star Mulhouse. Allez Chambly!


via Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

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